Blended Learning

Blended learning is a effective teaching approach which combines in-class, face to face classroom teaching methods with online learning. The goal of blended approach is to join the best aspects of both face to face and online instruction. This way students not only get a chance to learn during flexible hours but also give them a chance to interact face to face. Students get access to unlimited number of online resources available, which they can access anytime and anywhere. Blended model is particularly effective for large classes, where it is more challenging to engage students as students tend to loose focus.

Blended Learning

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Does technology belong in our classroom??

I was really impressed by the way Travis Allen presented his arguments to use iPad, iPhone and itouch in class to promote learning. I really love his idea! The knowledge students can gain from internet is endless. This way teachers don’t act as source of knowledge., but as guide and mentor for students. Teachers just have to help students ways to find and filter information. With changing times, the method of teaching changes as well. We, as 21st century educators, need to master the technology and incorporate them into our teaching to make our teaching effective.

Judging oneself!

Sounds tough???
Believe me, it is tougher than it sounds,
For its so difficult to heal ones wounds.

Easy – Why did you do this?

Tough – Why did I do this?

When its for others, its just a matter of choice.
When its for oneself, there was no other go.

For others it may be crime, for oneself its justice.

Others break promises for fun, I did it for a reason.
Others lie for gain or greed, I lied not to hurt others – indeed!!!

Someone who broke my trust, how dare they stand in front of me.
It’s a shame!! Its betrayal!! The lovely image is tainted.

When I am in their shoes, I just need to look into the mirror
And see if I can meet my own eyes.