Adoption Rate Of New Styles Of K-12 Teaching

This is an infographic based on a survey conducted by Enterasys Network to better understand how rapidly schools are adopting to the new teaching styles and technology tools.

Infographic credit

Infographic credit

Key points :
21% schools are currently using digital text books and 36.5% plan to use them within a year, but 42.5% schools have no plans to make any move in this direction. (This really surprised me.)

Less than half of schools feel that their network infrastructure is adequate to handle the demands of video content in the classroom.

84% of the schools say that they are able to monitor students network and online activity, which is really amazing.

94% of schools are already using online assessments and testing or plan to use these within 12 months. However 15% find the shift to online assessment would be impossible or difficult.

20.9% of schools are already trying to incorporate Flipped Classroom model in teaching, while another 22.1% of schools plan to try the flipped classroom within 12 months. But only 12.8 % of school say that their school’s current information technology infrastructure is equipped to fully adopt a flipped classroom model.

More than half of schools are currently using or plan to use social media for teaching purposes.

I was really surprised by the facts and  figures shown in the infographic! Do they surprise you too???

The Inner Net

I came across a powerful and evocative video by David Bowden, which is based on his poem where he gives voice to the dangers brought about by the technology.

With all the technology available to us, do you think humanity is more or less connected now?

What are your views?

A peek into the 21st century classroom

Infographic via edudemic

Infographic via edudemic

Key points conveyed –

  • 91% of teachers have computers in the classroom.
  • Just 20% of the teachers feel they have the right level of technology in the classroom. (which is quite disappointing)
  • 81% of the teachers believe that using tablets in classroom enhances the learning.
  • 53% of the students want to use mobile to make learning more engaging. (It’s sad on the part of teachers that we are not using this handy tool that can work wonders in the direction of educating students and loading them with skills of the 21st century!)
  • Almost a third of all college students take at least one online course.
  • 43% of teachers have used online games in the classroom which raised the test score of the students (I guess using games makes learning fun and works as a motivational tool thereby enhancing the performance.)
  • Only 29% of teachers use social networks as compared to 80% of the college professors. (which is quite surprising to me!)
  • 6 in 10 students have used a digital textbook.
  • 76% of teachers believe that technology in the classroom enhances the material being taught while 77% believe that it boost students motivation to learn and perform. (This clearly indicate that we teachers are slowly getting our grip on the technology and understand the importance of using it in our classrooms)

What are views on the statistics?

Tech Task # 6 Storytelling/Storymaking Part 2

For second part of this week’s Tech Task, I decided to try two assignments on DS106 Assignment Bank. The first assignment I choose is from a visual category Sandy Brown Jensen’s Illustrate your Original Poem

This assignment required me to use at least three images from my original art or photography to illustrate a poem written by me.

So here is what I came up with :


poemInstead of just using my personal photographs in a simple way, I tried to play around with them a little bit to make them blend well with the poem (may be they didn’t blend in too well!). I used Adobe Photoshop, which I had never used before, to challenge the creative nerd inside me.

I created a collage in Photoshop and played around with layers, adding masks and using overlay to merge it with a monster pic, to give it a dreamy effect. I was not too happy with the result, so I also transformed my poem using gradient tool and then tried the overlay option to add the pic of a monster.

I found this activity quite creative! It is an interesting activity that can be used to work on the creative and critical thinking skills of the students. Teachers can use this to help students express their thoughts in the form of poem, which can work wonders for introvert students.Teachers can ask students to demonstrate what they have learned in the form this activity making their learning personal. There can be endless ways to use the activity to achieve the outcome we expect in various subjects. The best part is that its fun to do it!! I am sure it will work well in the direction of engaging the students and make learning effective.

The post for the next activity I chose will be coming up soon. So stay tuned!

Skitch – A versatile tool

Recently I downloaded Skitch, a tool which is a part of Evernote family, on my ipad. I works wonder!

It is a versatile tool that can be used by teachers to capture students learning, plan their teaching, collect notes, take screenshots, annotate pics, and even enhance students learning experience. They even have a built in map feature where we can even take screenshot of any location. There are number of other things we can do with it which I am still in the process of figuring out.

Its pretty simple to use and you just need to play with a little to get familiar with the the setup.

Here is a quick video to give you a little idea about it –

So how are you planning to use Skitch in your classroom?

Don’t forget to check out the following links :
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Tech Task # 6 Storytelling/Storymaking Part 1

The ECMP355 Session with Alan Levine on Digital Storytelling was awesome! I had never imagined telling a story could be so enjoyable. He discussed about the different tools that can be used to create stories in so many different ways. I am looking forward to use the resources he shared in my classroom, in the future.

Storytelling is a very powerful tool that can be use to help students to –

  • Explore their unique ability to express their thoughts and emotions in words.
  • Work on their communication and critical thinking skills.
  • Develop a sense of understanding of others culture.

I used Five Card Flickr for the part 1 of my Tech Task # 6 and I was amazed by the concept of this unique storytelling site where you have to deal with 5 random pictures to create a story. The best part is that its is really easy to use and it does not involve use of any high tech skills which makes it pretty easy for even a kindergarten student to use it.

Students can also read stories created by others which can help them to guide them in the  journey of creating a story themselves. The tool can be use by teachers to help students to express themselves, their thoughts in the form of stories, especially for introvert students. It can also be used to enhance students creative as well as critical thinking skills. The teacher can also ask students to share their creation with others in the classroom which can motivate others students, who may seem uninterested, to get engaged too.

Altogether, I would say Five Card Flickr is a great tool that can be used to engage students and enhance learning in the classroom.

Five Card Story: That one day

a Five Card Flickr story created by swati2326

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by bgblogging

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bionicteaching

That one day when I was sitting alone enjoying the sun I receive a text message from God. The message was an order from him directing me to do rescue an old woman who lived in a mud house. She was in great danger as the house was old and could collapse any moment. I followed his command and rescued the woman. On the way back home I saw a flower and wanted to pluck it but got stung by a bee. Few kids saw this and came running to help me. I was in pain but the pain faded away on realization that I had accomplished something important in my life today.

Five Card Story: The couple

a Five Card Flickr story created by swati2326

flickr photo by Choconancy1

flickr photo by keepps

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by Intrepidteacher

They were the best couple in the world. I first met them in the park where I use to take my son to play, and after that day I saw them everyday in the park sitting on the swing holding hands. They had been married for 40 years but still their eyes were filled with love and affection for each other.

We use to meet daily and talk for hours.Once they told me about their country side house which had been forcefully taken away by their sons. They had always wanted to live there for rest of their lives as they had so many memories attached to it.

It was one day that I didn’t see them in the park. The swing was empty. I was really worried and so I went to their house to find they had passed away the other night in each others arms.