I am in the dark but I will move to light.
Nothing is right but this won’t last forever.
Coz the ones who don’t give up make the difference.

I may be in pain but someone else might be in greater pain.
My life may be full of misery but others is no less.
They don’t give up, then why should I?

Some say life is a battle, holds true for me.
Some say life is a journey, it is for me.
I won’t stop till I reach my destination.

I won’t surrender.
I won’t give up …………… coz my loved ones have faith.
I won’t give up……………coz I am born to make a difference and results will be worth all the wait.

Tech Task # 6 Storytelling/Storymaking Part 2

For second part of this week’s Tech Task, I decided to try two assignments on DS106 Assignment Bank. The first assignment I choose is from a visual category Sandy Brown Jensen’s Illustrate your Original Poem

This assignment required me to use at least three images from my original art or photography to illustrate a poem written by me.

So here is what I came up with :


poemInstead of just using my personal photographs in a simple way, I tried to play around with them a little bit to make them blend well with the poem (may be they didn’t blend in too well!). I used Adobe Photoshop, which I had never used before, to challenge the creative nerd inside me.

I created a collage in Photoshop and played around with layers, adding masks and using overlay to merge it with a monster pic, to give it a dreamy effect. I was not too happy with the result, so I also transformed my poem using gradient tool and then tried the overlay option to add the pic of a monster.

I found this activity quite creative! It is an interesting activity that can be used to work on the creative and critical thinking skills of the students. Teachers can use this to help students express their thoughts in the form of poem, which can work wonders for introvert students.Teachers can ask students to demonstrate what they have learned in the form this activity making their learning personal. There can be endless ways to use the activity to achieve the outcome we expect in various subjects. The best part is that its fun to do it!! I am sure it will work well in the direction of engaging the students and make learning effective.

The post for the next activity I chose will be coming up soon. So stay tuned!

Judging oneself!

Sounds tough???
Believe me, it is tougher than it sounds,
For its so difficult to heal ones wounds.

Easy – Why did you do this?

Tough – Why did I do this?

When its for others, its just a matter of choice.
When its for oneself, there was no other go.

For others it may be crime, for oneself its justice.

Others break promises for fun, I did it for a reason.
Others lie for gain or greed, I lied not to hurt others – indeed!!!

Someone who broke my trust, how dare they stand in front of me.
It’s a shame!! Its betrayal!! The lovely image is tainted.

When I am in their shoes, I just need to look into the mirror
And see if I can meet my own eyes.