What Fear Can Teach Us

FEAR, something which has been on the negative side of each and everyone’s life. It has been taught since our childhood that if you fear, you are weak. It has been implied in corporate world that in an interview if you admit to fear, you are rejected. Fear has been cornered out and has been neglected for generations not knowing the power and the lesson FEAR can teach.

Fiction writer and novelist Karen Thompson Walker talks on TED about the connection between fear and imagination.

We all know what it is like to be afraid. Fear is a kind of unintentional storytelling that we are all born knowing how to do.

Fear forces an individual to come up with an imaginary story about the outcome if the same had come true. At the same time, Fear also gives you options and possible alternatives, not to overcome but to ignore the situation. Now the good part is one can go ahead and choose the option to ignore the fear and move on. And the bad or worse part is, WHAT IF THE FEAR COMES TRUE, which will happen once in a while with everyone. Walker suggests that we can control our fears. We need to look at fear in the form of stories. With our highly imaginative minds, instead of avoiding our fears, we can read into our fears as we posses the powers to turn our fear into motivation.

Karen also points out how most of the successful entrepreneurs have reached a point where they presently are today. And one common thing they all have is, they have faced their fears. Now any brave man/woman can face fear. But only successful people learn study and are ready with a plan when the fear strikes.

Coming back to our point WHAT IF FEAR COMES TRUE. One should make the a wise and correct decision as there is very thin line of difference between being Brave and being a Stupid. One has to think not in a way the danger that’s visible on imaginary front of alternative, but practical solution of the issue. In this way, it enables one to be prepared for something which he/she knows would be facing. Fear has the power the let us down badly or take us to the heights one would dream of. It’s just the right choice one has to make.

FEAR teaches us, keep us prepared and ready more than anything we face in our daily life. We need to transform our fears into something more productive, and perhaps even profitable!