ECMP355 – Final Reflection

I have had a real hard time creating the video for my final reflection. It was because my laptop got broke just few days back and had to struggle with what style video to focus on. After giving a careful thought I decided to go with STOPMOTION VIDEO. This style was something that had really fascinated me and I wanted to feel the joy of creating a video this way.

I started with gathering all the material I needed to reflect upon my learning together, and then started clicking photographs moving every object slowly to get the desired effect. The next step was to import the photos to windows movie maker, but while I was doing that my kiddo got hold of the delete button and before I could realize all my pics were gone. I was really frustrated!

I tried to recover the pics but nothing worked out.  At last, decided to click all the pictures again and this time I carefully imported the pics to Movie Maker.

The next step was to drop down the picture duration from the default seven seconds per image to something around .175 to .250 seconds making sure that my images play in rapid succession. After that I recorded my voice and synced my video with the voice.

This is the first time that I created a Stopmotion Video. It may not be perfect but I have really put my 100% into it. Hope you all like it!