The Future Will Not Be Multiple Choice

This is a facinatingly awesome TED Talk by creative genius Drew Davies and educator Jaime McGrath on how to make education relevant, engaging and powerful enough to kindle the fire of imagination and creativity. They talk about how learning is deeper and fun when students are freed from the traditional approaches to learning, that were found to be good for the industrial age system of its time, but in the 21st century those approaches have no place or value. We need to prepare designers who can be ready to face all the challenges of the world and for that we need to inculcate the skills of creative thinking, problem-solving that students will need to thrive in and shape their future.

Empower my life by helping me develop critical thinking skills

developing-21st-century-critical-thinkers-infographic-mentoring-mindsCritical thinking is an intellectual skill that we educators are giving stress on these days. It is the skill that is very important for our students to posses in-order to seamlessly blend in the job’s which don’t even exist today. It is very important for us, as educators, to understand the components of this set of skill so that we can fully focus on them in our classroom, while teaching.

Teaching kids how to think critically should be an integral part of our teaching approach. But why are we stressing so much on developing critical thinking skills in our students?

It is because:

Memorizing is not learning

To think is to learn

If you think poorly, you will learn poorly

Thinking gives us a wider perspective about things

Thinking gives us the power to reflect and monitor his own learning

Thinking gives us the power to express our well supported thoughts and opinions

Thinking helps to uncover biases and prejudices

It is a path to freedom of expression

Thinking enable us to differentiate between facts and opinions

Thinking gives us the courage to say “I don’t know” and thus help us to be ready to learn and modify our existing opinions.

Thinking enable us to make assertion based on logic and evidence.

Thinking gives us the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking

Thinking helps us to evaluate and improve our creative ideas.

Here is a infographic based on the set of critical thinking skills, which I find relevant to share with you all.

Critical Thinking Skills
[Source: Enokson]

Check out this video on Critical Thinking –