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A compassionate and dedicated teacher, caring mother, good listener, who believes that learning is a lifelong process. I love to try/test different products and write reviews! I have strong opinions about things I feel are important, and posses the quality to influence others with my words.

ECMP355 – Social Learning Review

When I first decided to take ECMP355 online course I was a bit confused. I thought many times before I could really make up my mind to go ahead with the registration, but today I feel really happy to have made the decision. I have learned so much from this class that might not be possible in a general classroom setting. It was not only the course content that helped to grow and develop skills that are essential for an educator, but also my ECMP355 peers who left no stone unturned to bring out the best in me and helped to get in terms with everything associated with education.

Today when I am writing this Social Learning Review I am feeling honored to have been a part of such warm, affectionate and considerate group of ECMP355 friends who stood by my side when I needed them, guided me in the right direction and helped me to broaden my perspective about things by reading and commenting on my post regularly.

What did I learn from others?

During the entire course session I managed to write at least 3 to 4 posts a week, apart from the tech task. The Tech Tasks and the blog posts have contributed a lot towards my overall understanding of what education really means. Tech Tasks have not only helped me to gain the knowledge and skills that I was really looking forward to learn, but have also filled me with so much confidence about using technology in my future class. They have exposed me to so many amazing ideas and tools that were untouched by me before. The guest that I got a chance to meet during live sessions helped me to come in terms with the education in the 21st century. They discussed about different aspects on integration of technology to engage students and make teaching effective, thereby guiding me in the direction where I could picture myself using the technology tools in my future classroom (which I was so much scared of before).

Before I begin to mention about some things that I learned I would like to say each and every ECMP355 friend has helped me to evolve as an educator in some way or the other. They have helped me to understand the importance and collaboration and their posts on various topics have filled me with confidence where now I can see myself putting all the ideas and resourses in use without hesitation.

By reading what my ecmp355 peers posted every week, I learned about different technology tools and resources that could be used in class to make teaching relevant and engaging. I also developed a deeper understanding on various controversial issues such as food colourant and adhd, no zero policy, rewards and punishment, homework to enhance learning, bullying in schools, and many more, by not only reading and commenting on the related posts, but also by enaging in discussions with others over the issues.

I learned the value of documenting from Alia. I really admire her style of jotting down everything on a weekly basis. I picture myself carrying forward this habit of hers as a teacher which would help me to recall everything I did in my classroom or other related stuff. I also found Reene’s style of writing quite fascinating. She is really selective of what she writes and how she presents her thoughts into words. From her I have learned that construction our own paths and not following the normal routes in terms of critical thinking is really important to express one’s opinion strongly. She has thought me to think out of my comfort zone thereby challenging my own understanding in order to develop deeper insight over the issues.

Jenna’s post Assessment, Evaluation, and Standardized Testing helped me to realize the importance of involving students in the assessment process and giving them descriptive feedback instead of just allotting grades.

Kayla’s post Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation helped me to get all the information I had been looking for to enter the teaching profession. This site can be really beneficial for all the novice teachers who are struggling with questions such as How to apply for teaching jobs? How to start as a substitute teacher? What are the different types of contracts? What salary to expect and so on. The video posted by Kayla that stood out to me was “The classroom experiment”. I found this video quite informative and I could really get the essence of the 21st century education. I learned about many teaching strategies that work in the direction to improve student’s achievement.

I realized how versatile and powerful tool ipad can be for a teacher by reading Krysten’s post “iPad, what can’t you do?”. Krysten’s post “Pedagogy” helped me to understand the true meaning of the word. I realized that Pedagogy is way more than the lessons being taught and the learning that takes place in the classroom. By reading Jayde’s post I realized how critical it is for teachers to identify the risk factors affecting students in schools and help them to overcome the challenges they face to give them a brighter future.

Bretten’s post “Taking the Classroom Outdoors-My Developing Teaching Philosophy” brought me back to the idea of letting the students to learn by exploring outside the four walls, which I feel is equally important to make them efficient learners. I realized that unplugging students for sometimes and exposing them to the natural world will add to their overall development as a human being.

What did I contribute to the class?

Being a mom of an 8 months old (who was born 3 months premature) baby I found myself struggling to keep up with writing post regularly. I was not able to concentrate much on the writing part so instead of putting my thoughts and ideas into words I decided to pass on the information through videos and infographics. I tried my best to contribute my share of knowledge by writing posts on my own blog and commenting on the posts written by my classmates.

I mostly blogged about the ideas that were appealing to me, and which I found to be somewhat relevant to our class, such as what makes a good teacher?, ways to engage studentsimportance of developing critical thinking in students, using skitch in classroom, social media for teachers, Pinterest for educators and many more.

While doing tech task and assignments I used many tools and resources such as Twitter, Flickr, Five card flickr, Pinterest, YouTube, D6106, Google Drive, Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia Studio, Skitch making sure to discuss how I used them thereby helping my readers to get an idea of different approaches that can be used while handling these tools. I also made sure to tweet about the articles and resources that could help others to get deeper understanding of the issues.

I posted many inspirational videos which my classmates found interesting and full of knowledgeable content. I also posted statistical infographics on various technology related tools being used in 21st century teaching to help my peers get a glimpse of what we educators are effectively using and on what areas we need to focus our attention on. I tried to catch up with what everyone posted and commented on the post that stood out for me to the best of my understanding.

During this entire course I have been exposed to many valuable information and tools that I could have possibly imagined. This class has opened many new possibilities for learning and teaching thereby helping me to grow as an educator. Thanks to all the guest speakers, my classmates and above all to Dean Shareski for pumping me up with so many resources that I can picture myself using in my future classroom!

Comments I made :

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Reasons to “Why I Love Being a Teacher?”

• I get the opportunity to relate to children in so many different ways, learning from them whilst also teaching them. Its fun!

• I get the opportunity to constantly learn, research and better my own skills and knowledge in the process of planning lessons and finding ways to impart knowledge in the best effective way which would engage the kids and help them to think critically. Fun and learn!!!!

• It gives me satisfaction and I feel proud to see how my students become wiser and not only learn what I teach, but also apply the knowledge in their day to day lives, connecting every dots and analyzing any situation in best possible ways.

• As a teacher I get the opportunity to make a significant difference in the world each and every day, just by touching the lives of my students and relating with them. As a teacher I shape the future of my students and therefore contribute towards making their future bright and colorful.

• There is never a “sameness” in my job everyday because for me everyday it’s a new lesson to be taught in a different way utilizing different teaching aids (Which I design on my own) ranging from Power point presentations to showing specimen.

• I enjoy and have fun with kids while teaching them, listening to their problems and trying to solve them in the best possible ways.

• I love teaching because it is so much more than just helping children learn. Teaching is all about forming connections and building trusting relationship with the students.

• There’s a lot of problem solving involved with my job, so my brain gets a pretty good workout every day. Everyday is new challenge. OOPS!! I forgot to mention every student is a new challenge instead because every kid is different in his own way, and to impart knowledge in the best effective way I need to understand them inside out which guides m to plan individually. Same teaching strategy does not apply to every students as every kid learns differently.

• I am NEVER bored. I enjoy every bit of my day with students and for students.

• I am dedicated and honest to my job as I enjoy being a teacher. This is what I always wanted to do. I don’t find reasons to skip it even for a min. I simply love being a teacher!

ECMP355 – Final Reflection

I have had a real hard time creating the video for my final reflection. It was because my laptop got broke just few days back and had to struggle with what style video to focus on. After giving a careful thought I decided to go with STOPMOTION VIDEO. This style was something that had really fascinated me and I wanted to feel the joy of creating a video this way.

I started with gathering all the material I needed to reflect upon my learning together, and then started clicking photographs moving every object slowly to get the desired effect. The next step was to import the photos to windows movie maker, but while I was doing that my kiddo got hold of the delete button and before I could realize all my pics were gone. I was really frustrated!

I tried to recover the pics but nothing worked out.  At last, decided to click all the pictures again and this time I carefully imported the pics to Movie Maker.

The next step was to drop down the picture duration from the default seven seconds per image to something around .175 to .250 seconds making sure that my images play in rapid succession. After that I recorded my voice and synced my video with the voice.

This is the first time that I created a Stopmotion Video. It may not be perfect but I have really put my 100% into it. Hope you all like it!