Reasons to “Why I Love Being a Teacher?”

• I get the opportunity to relate to children in so many different ways, learning from them whilst also teaching them. Its fun!

• I get the opportunity to constantly learn, research and better my own skills and knowledge in the process of planning lessons and finding ways to impart knowledge in the best effective way which would engage the kids and help them to think critically. Fun and learn!!!!

• It gives me satisfaction and I feel proud to see how my students become wiser and not only learn what I teach, but also apply the knowledge in their day to day lives, connecting every dots and analyzing any situation in best possible ways.

• As a teacher I get the opportunity to make a significant difference in the world each and every day, just by touching the lives of my students and relating with them. As a teacher I shape the future of my students and therefore contribute towards making their future bright and colorful.

• There is never a “sameness” in my job everyday because for me everyday it’s a new lesson to be taught in a different way utilizing different teaching aids (Which I design on my own) ranging from Power point presentations to showing specimen.

• I enjoy and have fun with kids while teaching them, listening to their problems and trying to solve them in the best possible ways.

• I love teaching because it is so much more than just helping children learn. Teaching is all about forming connections and building trusting relationship with the students.

• There’s a lot of problem solving involved with my job, so my brain gets a pretty good workout every day. Everyday is new challenge. OOPS!! I forgot to mention every student is a new challenge instead because every kid is different in his own way, and to impart knowledge in the best effective way I need to understand them inside out which guides m to plan individually. Same teaching strategy does not apply to every students as every kid learns differently.

• I am NEVER bored. I enjoy every bit of my day with students and for students.

• I am dedicated and honest to my job as I enjoy being a teacher. This is what I always wanted to do. I don’t find reasons to skip it even for a min. I simply love being a teacher!


2 thoughts on “Reasons to “Why I Love Being a Teacher?”

  1. Swati,

    Being a teacher has so many rewards and is full of endless opportunities to work with, inspire and guide youth. I think it is important to realize that we aren’t just teachers, we are learners too. We learn every day from the kids! The more I think about my journey of becoming an educator, the more I am learning things about myself such as I really have a passion for working with students who speak English as an additional language. I have become aware of so many issues in education that affect the future of our country such as standardized testing. It is so beneficial to be in a career that enables us to make a difference in the lives of children on a daily basis. “Sameness” is something that I am glad we don’t experience on an everyday basis. The fact that we get to do something different every day is beyond exciting. Just like our learners have different learning styles, so do we. In the classroom we can alter and change the learning environments to best suit the needs of our students. We don’t always have to do the same things everyday and we aren’t afraid to take risks! We have the power to build meaningful relationships with our students, parents, families, colleagues, and the community. I am so glad we have found our calling!

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