Thank you!

As some of you might be knowing that I am having some problem with my laptop and this is the reason behind my invisibility online for the past week, though I have tried to catch up reading what all my ECMP355 friends have been posting.

Everyone seems to have got themselves really involved in blogging,  posting so many amazing resources and article except one one person and that’s ME (I am not able to contribute anything)

sad-face1What is making me even more sad is that this amazing ECMP355 course is coming to an end and I am really going to miss the online sessions, tech tasks, ecmp355 update videos and the learning experience I have had with all my ecmp355 peers. I hope to continue the interactions with everyone through mail, comments on post and tweets (which ever way suits you).

Thank you everyone for taking out time to read my posts and give your valuable feedback for the entire session!

Best of luck with your teaching careers!


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