Adoption Rate Of New Styles Of K-12 Teaching

This is an infographic based on a survey conducted by Enterasys Network to better understand how rapidly schools are adopting to the new teaching styles and technology tools.

Infographic credit

Infographic credit

Key points :
21% schools are currently using digital text books and 36.5% plan to use them within a year, but 42.5% schools have no plans to make any move in this direction. (This really surprised me.)

Less than half of schools feel that their network infrastructure is adequate to handle the demands of video content in the classroom.

84% of the schools say that they are able to monitor students network and online activity, which is really amazing.

94% of schools are already using online assessments and testing or plan to use these within 12 months. However 15% find the shift to online assessment would be impossible or difficult.

20.9% of schools are already trying to incorporate Flipped Classroom model in teaching, while another 22.1% of schools plan to try the flipped classroom within 12 months. But only 12.8 % of school say that their school’s current information technology infrastructure is equipped to fully adopt a flipped classroom model.

More than half of schools are currently using or plan to use social media for teaching purposes.

I was really surprised by the facts and  figures shown in the infographic! Do they surprise you too???


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