The Inner Net

I came across a powerful and evocative video by David Bowden, which is based on his poem where he gives voice to the dangers brought about by the technology.

With all the technology available to us, do you think humanity is more or less connected now?

What are your views?


2 thoughts on “The Inner Net

  1. I really liked this video. Thanks for sharing! The first word that popped into my head while watching this video was “balance.” I think technology is great and super beneficial and it is a great way to connect with people all over the world, however I also think that taking time to unplug is important and beneficial. I think balance is crucial. We need to find a balance between the world of technology and the real world. When is is crappy outside and I have nothing to do I spend time online blogging and browsing the web. But then I take time to unplug, spend time outside, spend time with friends and family. I don’t think technology is disconnecting humanity, if anything is works to connect people more. But, it is true many people spend way too much time online, however that is a personal choice and that is a personal problem. It is not technology’s fault that people spend hours and hours online. I like how he expressed both sides of the story. He shares the dangers of technology but also the advantages. He asks questions but doesn’t answer them. He makes you think for yourself and form your own answer. My answer is balance is the key to staying connected in both worlds.

  2. The moment I watched the video, I was drawn towards the message that is being conveyed. Balance is the key word! We use some form on technology every day. We have become reliant on technology that we forget about the real world and people, but we need to be consciously aware of how to maintain a perfect balance. Over use of anything have side effects. If we do not look into maintained balance and become immersed in surfing the net, playing games, blogging or chatting we will not be able to enjoy the warmth of face to face interaction and relationships. This will disconnect us!
    Thanks for the comment!

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