Help me to thrive!!


We, as teachers, need to remember that children need love and support to thrive. We have to believe in them and guide them in every possible way, motivating them at times when they are low, and appreciating them when they do something good. Children just need us to hold their hands and tell them that they are special. They need us to make them realize that they can make a difference.

There is so much that I learned from the story. I don’t have words to describe the emotional turmoil I am going through right now. I just have a question –

Did this video help you, in any way, to realize what Teaching is all about? Did it change your outlook about Teaching as a profession?

“For me teaching children is like teaching my own self how to breathe.”



One thought on “Help me to thrive!!

  1. Wow, this brought tears to my eyes! I have heard this story, but hearing it again was touching! I like when it says after that day she quite teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, she decided to teach students! I believe that is what our job is, we are there to teach our students and allow them to learn redaing, writing, math, social, etc. I want to be the teacher who teaches me students first, and to really work towards learning about each and everyone of my students and know that they all do have something so special about them! Love this video, thanks for sharing!

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