Dear Stress…Lets break up!

Today, I came across a POSITIVE TEACHER PLEDGE shared by the Positive School website.

Each and every line of the pledge resonated with me. Teaching is a stressful job, and every now and then we find ourselves trapped into the stress of completing curriculum, making students perform, grading assignments, planning and many other things. If we let stress dominate us it would only make our job more difficult, and our negative attitude will make students uncomfortable in our presence.

We need to overcome the stress, which not only hampers the environment of class but also make students insecure. Creating a safe, accepting environment, where each student is free to experiment and learn in order to grow and change, can only be achieved if we as teachers can tackle our stress in a positive way. We should never forget that we are the ones who has to lead, guide, encourage, motivate, manage, discipline, enable and support our students every single second and we cannot let stress jeopardize all of this.

What plans do have you in place to handle the stress??


4 thoughts on “Dear Stress…Lets break up!

  1. First off thank you for the great positivity tips. I think this would be great to keep at your desk or posted on your wall at home.

    I am a person who suffers from anxiety and when I am feeling stressed or anxious I start to spin and think of absolutely everything that I have to do and worry about how I will get it all done. These past 2 years I have found that if I stay organized I can stay on top of things and feel ok about it. I started planning out my week of everything I had to do and what I would do on what days. If things changed that was fine and I could accommodate.

    I also think that staying healthy and doing something every night for yourself, even if it is reading for 15 minutes, will help you stay sane. I read somewhere that keeping things in your desk, such as, a healthy snack, stickers or anything you like to have between classes. Other ways would be to get support from parents, administrators, and especially your co-workers. Use the resources you have to keep up.

    Also make sure to SLEEP! That is most important because you will also burn out if you are working and working and not getting the proper rest needed.

    • I suffer from anxiety too, and it becomes really hard for me to take control of things when I am stressed out. I feel as if my stress dominates me in those time, which I know should not happen. I have been trying to work on it for few months now. As you said, keeping things more organized has really helped me a lot. Apart from that the support and love of my husband is contributing a lot to reduce my anxiety level. I have also tried to view stressful situations from a more positive perspective, which also helped a lot. Overall I would say I am sort of in control now 🙂 As people say “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” So instead of fretting over situations I try to look at them as opportunities for personal growth. It not only lowers my stress level but also makes me feel strong!
      Thanks for all the tips that you shared!

  2. Swati, thanks for this reminder! I think that this is so often something that we fail to remember.Often as caregivers and teachers we forget to take good care of ourselves and in turn we are unable to give the best of ourselves to those that we are working with and working at helping. While for many teachers teaching is a passion and something that is enjoyable there are also times that will not all be butterflies and rainbows and so it is so important for us to take a deep breath and remember that we too, are important.

    To Maria and Swati, Thank you for sharing your fears and how you help keep organized. It is so wonderful to be able to share tips on staying organized and healthy with or co-workers and peers. I think having a time to just sit and be still is also important for my sanity as well as doing things for pleasure. When I take a quiet time I often fall asleep but I think that if that is what my body needs during my quiet time then that’s what I should be giving it. I think it would be interesting to ask our class what they do to manage stress and stay organized. Thoughts?

    • You are right Haleigh! No matter how much you are passionate about teaching, there will be times when you will feel overloaded or trapped with no way to escape. Handling ourselves becomes really important in such situations. Taking some quite time for yourself sounds refreshing!
      I guess if we break out tasks into smaller tasks, it will help us to stay calm. What do you feel about putting a photo, that makes you laugh, in you plan book and look at it when you need a boost or feel like giving up. I tried this and it really worked. I keep a photo of my kiddo in my planner diary and whenever things make me stressed out, I just look at her smiling face and feel rejuvenated 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Every word of yours really made a difference contributing towards my understanding of handling stress 🙂

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