Engage me!

We all talk about making learning more effective by engaging each and every student in the class, but how do we make every student to participate. Some students talk and share their thoughts so easily while others are too shy of hesitant to even say a word. Sometimes we may even find students losing focus in the middle of the class thereby losing the valuable learning.

The question is “How to increase student’s participation in the class, so that they feel free to share their thoughts and engage in activities?”

I stumbled upon a cool infographic relevant to the question, which I am sharing with you all

Infographic via An Ethical Island

Infographic via An Ethical Island

If you all have some ideas on engaging students please do share with me.


5 thoughts on “Engage me!

  1. I love Mia MacMeekin’s blog! She has some truly great and inspiring ways to reach out to students and engage them in learning in every core subject area. Something else I like about her blog is she teaches you how to integrate technology into education in ways that children will be able to successfully utilize and see the value in the integration.

    • I stumbled upon this blog yesterday, and was really amazed to find many teaching related resources! I have bookmarked this site for future use. I have not had a chance to look through the entire content but will be doing that very soon. So far I am loving her blog!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Swati. I really like it when you post infographics because they are short and sweet. One of the things that I personally think is really useful in classes is having time where students are able to be active while they work. Whether this means that we give students the option to stand while they are working on an assignment or whether it is using a beach ball and answering questions as a team I think this can really help students to remember the day’s activities.

    • Infographics change the way we learn, the way we see information put in front of us. They help us digest that information more effectively and guide us into the direction of drawing important conclusions easily. It so easy to go through the entire content of the subject through infographics. They can work wonders for visual learners, which I am 🙂
      I really like you idea of keeping students active while they are working in order to focus their mind. I am definitely going to try this out!
      Thanks for commenting!

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