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4 thoughts on “Give it a thought..

  1. You have two of my favourite quotes on here. I love the quote “the best teachers teach from the heart not the book” because that is me! I put my whole heart into the things I do and am very compassionate about my students in the classroom. I feel that every students has something special to bring to the classroom and there is something to love about all of your students skills. I feel that in a classroom where the students feel loved, respected, and welcomed you cannot go wrong! Your students will learn in that environment!

    I also like the other quote you have there. “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” This quote is very interesting because I agree with it as well. I feel that if things are hands on and relative to the students that they will learn easier and it will be more effective. I know you cannot always do hands on activities with the students, but trying to make as much as possible hands on is very important to allow students to learn.

  2. I love both these quotes! The first one quote “the best teachers teach from the heart and not the book” always reminds me of my English teacher who was so caring, understanding and focused on each student individually. She was more than a teacher to us! I was inspired by her to choose teaching as my career. I want to touch the heart of my students and not just stick to books and rules.
    The second quote “Tell me……learn” is something that we all must have experienced as a student. I still remember small things which I did on my own and was involved, but the lessons that were delivered just to finish off with the course are erased off my mind. Students learn when learning is fun as well as engaging. They need to feel the part of the entire learning process and not just passive recipient of information. Giving them hand on experience with key theories and concepts will help them to retain them throughout their lives. I remember, there were many instance when my teacher wanted us to have first hand experience doing things, but lacked the required amount of resources, so she had to just demonstrate things and leave it. What to do in such case?? Do we buy the material from our own pocket or just sit and wait for approval from the school administration?
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love love love the quote by Benjamin Franklin. This is so true. In my pre-internship I experienced this first hand. The way in which my coop taught her class was by telling and in my opinion I felt that they were all forgetting what she was ‘telling’ them. It was really sad to see that these young children were experiencing this. Plus, not to brag but when it was my turn to teach I involved the students in all aspects of what I was teaching, I made them feel they were important and allowed them to experience what they were being taugh.

    • It is sad on the part of teachers that some of us really don’t know about educating students, and just choose teaching as a career because of money. We are playing a important role of molding our future generation and if we don’t do it right we all pay the price!

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