Tech Task # 6 Storytelling

The second Ds106 assignment I choose is :


“Make an acrostic poem collage. Use each letter from your name and go onto flickr and search for a picture that represents you. Then you any photoediting to make it a collage.”
Untitled-1I used Adobe Photoshop to create this collage. This assignment was really fun! Choosing pictures defining me is the most amazing part of this assignment.

Here is what each letter of my name stands for :

S for Spiritual – Spirituality, for me, does not mean going to church, temple or praying all the time. But for me it stands for my beliefs and values which define my real character.

W for Wild – Wild, for me, means living life to the fullest without any fear. I enjoy each and every moment fully and give my best shot into everything I do.

A for Agreeable – I am a warm, sympathetic, cooperative and considerate person. For me relationships have a special place in my life and am always willing to help others in any circumstances.

T for Thoughtful – I am a kind of person who gives a thought on all the aspect of my actions. I believe everyone should think about every consequence of their actions before doing something.

I for Introvert – I am a person who does not open up easily. I am basically a quite person which sometime people mistake for shyness.


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