Digital Storytelling – Student Perspective

What are your thoughts on this video? Does this resonate with you in any way?


3 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling – Student Perspective

  1. Swati,

    I enjoy this video because it emphasizes to teach the way students learn best. It is easier to go back to what we know; however, if we don’t change our approaches many of our students won’t be able to learn successfully in a supported environment. The second thing that stood out to me was, “Connect to me”. I believe it is critical to build a relationship with students AND their families. This means that you are willing to get to know your community as well. If we can connect to students, we are able to understand them and relate to them which can help in our teaching approaches and building a positive relationship!

  2. Hey Shandra,
    I completely agree with you thoughts! Building relationship with students is really important part of their learning. Students need to develop a trusting relationship with their teachers to share their thoughts and feeling. Valuing students opinions and respecting them is one aspect of connecting with students. Unless you connect with a student you cannot judge their strength and weakness or know about their passion. Helping the students follow their passion is one aspect of teaching.
    I appreciate you for taking out time to comment. Thank you!

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