Tech Task # 5 All about identity (Part 1)

I watched the ECMP355 session with George Couros about Online Identity this morning. It made me realize the importance of online identity and was taken aback by my ignorance on the topic. I realized until now I had narrow perspective about the internet and social networking sites which is the reason behind my invisibility online that  hindered my chance of creating identity online so far.

What I took from the session or the points that resonates with me are :

  • Creating online identity is really important in today’s world where Technology plays a major role in our lives.
  • Our online identity is indirectly the reflection of our thoughts and ideas spread online.
  • Creating a strong online identity can be really helpful for ones career as getting a job in today’s society depends not only on your grades, but also on how well connected you are and how strong your online identity is. Your online identity gives employer an idea about your character and potential.

The session was an awakening point in my life and has contributed to add one more goal in my life I e. to create my online identity. It has also contributed to me as a teacher making me aware of the impact online identity can have on a student’s life.

Here are the links to few sites about “Online Identity” that might interest you all :

10 Reasons Why You Need To Establish Your Online Identity

10 Ways to Build Your Online Identity

How to Help Students Create a Positive Digital Footprint

My tweet to George Couros



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