I Have a Question. Why 21st Learning??

Please share your thoughts on this video. Looking forward to hearing your opinion as all your opinions and thoughts are valuable to me. They help me to get a clearer picture of the world I am trying to be a part of!!


3 thoughts on “I Have a Question. Why 21st Learning??

  1. The idea I like most in this video is that students in the 21st century are to become information PRODUCERS rather than information CONSUMERS. This paints a very clear picture of what we should be doing in the 21st century classroom. Great share, thanks Swati!

    • 21st century education is not just about technology but it it about using technology in the right direction which will inculcate the essential skills in the students . The essence of the skills includes collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation and critical thinking also known as the 4Cs.
      Today the students no longer depend on the teachers for information therefore we can’t call them Consumers but Producers (As you said). This has changed the role of an educator (As we discussed in “Why school?” session).
      The teacher is now responsible to guide the students into this amazing world of technology, equipping them with skills necessary to survive in the 21st century in jobs or careers that we cannot even imagine right now. It is more of a real world learning than learning based on facts alone!

  2. Swati,

    I love this video!!! It says addresses close to everything we are facing in the field of education right now. It is critical that we stop looking at schools and production of students from the industrialization perspective. Students aren’t just a number and we don’t just want to full them with knowledge to leave and fill the labour force. We as educators want to instill critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, social skills, technology skills, encourage creativity, and discuss current issues and topics that are going to affect our youth in their future, such as the oil production and limited supply of water in the world. This video also had a really great metaphors (the sailing and discovering unchartered waters). I absolutely love the idea of collaborating with educators across the world to enhance my students’ learning in the classroom, I would even love to learn a different language from someone in a different part of the world!

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