Educators and Pinterest

Pinterest is a tool which is favorite among educators as it makes it really easy for educators to connect with others and find interesting ideas for their class. They can save almost everything  from pics to blog post on online pin boards which can be easily accessed by others. It not only helps teachers to organize ideas  but also creates a sense of community amongst  them.

Recently I came across a cool inforgraphics on how Pinterest is used by educators and found it interesting enough to share with you all.

Hope you all find it useful!



11 thoughts on “Educators and Pinterest

  1. I have a ‘Teaching’ board on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing this! I had never really thought about letting students use Pinterest in the classroom. You have also provided a visual that makes me feel much better about the abundance of time I suddenly am able to lose on Pinterest!

    • I am glad that I was able to be of any help to you!! Trust me Pinterest is one of the teachers favorite tool used now a days, Teachers can create “story board” for students to select a pin and write stories based on it. This can be used to enhance their creativity. Teachers can create “Reading Board” and ask students to select books from the board to read. They can also be asked to write a summary of what they read. Teachers even use Pinterest to plan lessons and get ideas to manage classroom.
      I am just in love with this tool!
      Looking forward to hear your ideas on using Pinterest in classroom 🙂

      • I love Pinterest! Both for education and enjoyment purposes, but I also had never thought of using it as a tool within the classroom. Thanks for sharing this! I am excited to use these ideas to expand how I use Pinterest! 🙂

  2. When I first heard about Pintrest I didn’t know what all the hype was about so I decided to ignore what everyone was saying about it, be stubborn and not sign up, This past year my roommate convinced me that I should get Pintrest. Well it was probably one of the best things I have signed up for (besides the countless hours I played around on it lol), but after reading this post just like aliburkell I do not feel as bad for the time on it.

    My other roommate was in her pre-intership this past year and started using it for lesson plans and ideas for her unit plan in her 3 week block. I have also used it to find ideas for projects in classes or for ideas to use in the future. I agree that Pintrest can be a great tool for teachers to be able to use in the classroom.

    • I experienced the same thing!! I use to get really mad when people use to talk about Pinterest all the time, even on Facebook. I use to wonder as to why people are so crazy about it. But once I signed up for it my attitude towards it completely changed. I can’t think of a single day when I don’t log in to search for different resources. Its completely amazing and am totally into it now. Its a great tool that is used by teachers in number of different ways. I can’t wait to use it in my class!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I also shared the guilty feelings mentioned above for the amount of time I spend pinteresting, until now! I never even thought about making resource boards. Oh the possibilities! Great post, thanks again.

    • I have just joined pinterest and enjoying every bit of it!! I was never into so much of technological stuff before but after joining the #ecmp355 class I have totally lost myself into it. I am having fun exploring every bit and coming up with so many ways of using different tools in classroom. Creating resource boards on various topics is a wonderful idea!

  4. I love Pinterest! There are so many great ideas for teaching! I’ve used it for assignments in University as well as during pre-internship…great resource! Saves a lot of time too (unless you get distracted by other boards. I know I do!)

    • You are right Jenna! Whenever I am logged into Pinterest I lose track of time because there is so much amazing stuff out there which is so easily accessible. Just cant stop myself from exploring every bit of it. Wish we had more than 24 hours in a day!

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