Teck Task # 4 Becoming a better blogger

The ECMP 355 session “Becoming a better Blogger” with Sue Waters, this week was something I had been waiting for so long, as ever since I started blogging I had been looking forward to get some valuable tips and suggestion on various aspects of the blogging world from someone expert in the field.

I was really amazed by the minute details she covered during the session. She mentioned about the common mistakes that new bloggers normally tend to make (I was definitely making some too!) and also gave many tips on how to set foot in the world of blogging. Her presentation made me fully aware of the mistakes I was committing and helped me to mend them but before we get to that I would like to share some of her valuable tips for those who are not a part of ECMP 355 session and are newbie to blogging.

1) Never forget to link – Failing to link is one of the most common mistakes committed by newbies. When you link your post it facilitate readers to read your post easily by understanding even those parts which are way out of their comfort zone. Sue stated that “linking is the building blocks of the web”.

The 3 important reasons to link, as mentioned by Sue are:

By linking your posts –

  • You indirectly give credit to those who inspired your post.
  • You make it easy for readers to check out resources
  • You create a sense of community, give chance to continue the conversation and reciprocate the thoughts.

2 ) Blogging is all about social learning – Always remember blogging is not about publishing, but it’s about social learning and forming connection. Blogging is a platform to reflect and so we should make sure that it is easy for readable. Care should be taken not to choose template that is to goody and bright for eyes. Staying simple yet elegant is the key to attracting readers!

3) Use Creative common images in your blogCreative commons are the images that one can freely use in your post. Care needs to be taken not to use Copyright images on your blog post.

Here is a link to a site  that describes The dos and don’ts of using images in blog in detail

4) Don’t focus on number of readers – Instead of focusing on the number of readers we need to focus on making your blog reader friendly. Just give your best short and rest will automatically fall into place!!

5) Never forget to read other people blog and post comments – Just reflecting on your thoughts or views and publishing  is not a part of blogging. The other important aspect of blogging is reading other people’s post and commenting on them. It is all a part of learning process as a blogger and help us to build connections.

Some Commenting etiquette mentioned by Sue are:

  • Stay on topic.
  • Contribute new ideas
  • Be polite in your way of expression
  • Respond back to comments on your own posts which is a way to acknowledge readers

Here is a list of some more Blogging Rules and Etiquette that we need to keep in mind while working on blogs.

What I took from Sue’s session –  Linking the post is something I was already doing, but I was not taking it seriously. After hearing  Sue’s session I realized the important part linking plays in the blogging world, making your posts more reader friendly. It not only helps readers to get into the depth of the topic but also help them to develop interest. I totally took this tip and have started working on incorporating more links in my blog post.

I have made an effort to add more links to my post “Tech Task # 3 Why Schools?” and have also tried to organize the post  in small paragraphs which would make it more pleasing to the eyes of reader.

As far as my blog goes, I had been working on it to make it more presentable.  I used a image from my community work, which  I did last year, as my header which will help the readers to get an idea about my blog and give them sense of me. I have also added widget to allow people to follow my blog via mail . This will help my followers to receive email notifications about my new posts making it easier for them to read the posts.

This is not the end as my effort to make the blog more reader friendly is still in progress and will keep you all updated. So stay tuned and enjoy!!


5 thoughts on “Teck Task # 4 Becoming a better blogger

  1. [ Smiles ] I must agree that Sue Waters’ tips are rather poignant where blogging is concerned.

    Since you have read her work, you are going to implement those pointers and make yourself a better blogger.

    I genuinely wish you all the best with your blog!

  2. Hey Swati! I really appreciated the link you shared on the do’s and don’t’s of using photos in blogs. I have bookmarked it so that I can refer back often! You are doing a fantastic job of sharing resources with our class!

    • Hey Renee,
      I am glad that you found the link interesting!! I myself have bookmarked that link as it contains some important pointers that we newbies bloggers don’t seem to take seriously.
      Thanks for appreciating my efforts! It means a lot to me 🙂

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