A Vision

I love this video! Just watch it and am sure that you will be lost in the depth of the message being conveyed.


6 thoughts on “A Vision

  1. Thanks Swati! I really enjoyed this video! In one of my classes last semester we had to make a digital story. It was so hard to do but I think this is because we had never been givent he opportunity to create anything like that before!

    • You are right! Sometimes I really wonder what our lives would have been if we were given th opportunity to learn about various aspects of technology in our school. Kids today are lucky to master those skills which were untouched by us!

  2. I really like this video because it is true that students learn by doing, and we aren’t giving them a chance to do that. I also like it because it doesn’t show just high school or older students, but students of all ages. It shows that we need to start helping our students learn about technology and how to use it at a young age. They need a chance to experiment and use different technologies to show us what they are capable of and what they have learnt.

    • We as teachers need to make students learn by engaging them actively. I totally agree with you that we were not given a chance to learn by doing, but we need to turn this into our strength by not doing the same with our students. We should give students a chance to do things and learn from their mistakes. When they do things they will see how well or poorly it worked there by reflecting on how to do it differently.
      As far as technology is concerned, we need to show them the right path and they will themselves explore this amazing world. We need to be their guide, mentor and friend at every step they take.

  3. I really like this video as well! It really brings to life the reality that we all face in the classroom every day! I will definitely keep these kids in mind when I go into my class for internship! Today I learnt about a great website where children can create their own books online! http://littlebirdtales.com/ I am going to make it one of my goals going into internship to learn about as many online tools as I possibly can, so that my students can be technologically literate! So that my students not only go on technology for fun and free-time, but so they see the use and value of it in their lives!

    • I checked out the website you mentioned. Its fabulous! Whenever I come across such amazing tools, I wonder why were we not given a chance to learn about them and master them in our schools. Your students are really going to enjoy the learning with you 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!!

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