A Day in Life

Here is an amazing video “A day in life” of a 3rd grade teacher. This video was shared by “GO PUBLIC FILM” on Twitter, and I found it worth sharing with you all. I could have shared it on Twitter itself, but some of our classmates don’t log in everyday.

Esther Chun, is a third-grade teacher at Franklin Elementary School. Her sweet personality and emphasis on character has made her very popular among the students.I am really inspired by her way of working towards making students a better citizen with strong character!!

3rd Grade Teacher from Go Public on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “A Day in Life

  1. There were two routines that Esther did that I think are awesome ideas for a class. I like that she has them pick a something that they are going to individually work on throughout the day (being responsible, respectful and how they will do this). I think this is awesome because they can then focus on that one thing and it is something that they are choosing to do. I also really liked that she gives them another task that everyone has to do, so saying please and thank you twice throughout the day. It gives them all something to work on that will help them with their social skills and help build a good character. I like giving them tasks or goals to reach that aren’t necessarily connected to the curriculum but rather character and proper manners.

    • I agree with you Marley! We as teachers have the responsibility to mold the students to become a citizen with strong character. For this we need to focus on every aspect, may it be teaching them how to be responsible or respectful. The future lies in our hands after all!!
      The first time I watched the video I was really impressed and since then I have watch it many times making sure that don’t miss even a smallest detail.

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