The Idiot Box

Grunge vintage television

Today I felt like sharing my memories with the good old television (the title idiot box can be a bit misleading). It is something which the new generation saw in the form of satellite TV but people of my age (makes me feel older) have seen it evolving from black and white to color and from Doordarshan (The very first channel in India) to 200+ channels. I still remember the day one of our neighbors brought the huge B&W Beltek TV and they invited everyone. I believe “Giant Robot” was the first TV show I saw.

The experience was so fascinating that I used to run every single day to uncle’s house and won’t come back till dad would come and drag me back home. About a year later, dad also brought a TV ( thanks to me and my mom’s nagging). But mom always made sure we complete our homework before we could tune to cartoons or movies. He-man and Spider-man were my favorites and some time later DD aired some of the best miniseries I have ever seen. Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Street Hawk, Byomkesh Bakshi were my favorites. Color TV was feather in the cap for television, not to mention the very popular VCR which has given most of us quite a sleepless nights.

I feel lucky to be one of those who saw this great invention coming to India and then moving from a great entertainer (movies, songs, sports) to an ocean of knowledge (Discovery, NGC, History channel) to a source of utter nonsense (the ridiculous marriage shows being aired recently). It is still of great importance as multiple channels have proved to be a source of information not only for us but for the new generation as well. The educational programs being broadcasted play a pivotal role to assist children in various subject areas.

Do you all agree that Television play a critical role in Education?? Feel free to express your views.

Here is a video about TELEVISION AND EDUCATION –


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