Tech Task # 2 Part 2 Google Drive

ECMP355 course has been a great learning experience so far. I got a chance to explore so many tools which I had never heard of before. I was really overwhelmed with all the information provided by Michael Wacker’s during the presentation, the other day. Since then I have been trying to look into every aspect of the Google tools.

Out of all the tools the one which I feel I would definitely use in my class is Google drive as after exploring it I can now see the potential it holds for the teachers.

Google Drive is a storage place where teachers can store documents, make presentation, form and then share it with their students. An easy way of sharing the document is by making shared folder. By creating a shared folder anytime that one adds a new item to it, all of the people that have access to the folder have access to the new item added to the folder. I am looking forward to use it to distribute assignment, grading rubrics, reading materials, or videos to my students as this way I will have the power to decide how much access a student has to the shared documents (You can do so by choosing sharing option out of the 3 available: View only, can comment, can edit) .

Google drive not only allows to share documents with specific number of people but also gives an option to share a document with larger audience. This can be simply done by sharing link to the document with the mass. I find it to be an easy way to distribute pamphlets and other information to all the schools in the community. This way anyone who has the link can view the document. While surfing on net I came across yet another great idea of converting the link to QR code and include the code in any media so that others can access it. I am surely going to give it a try!

Another excellent use of shared folder is to create a handout folder for class. This can be the folder you want students to have access to but, not be able to change. These can be read-only files which may include handouts, templates etc. Students can make copy of these and then can edit to create their own version. Yet another good use of shared folder is to create turn-in folder. This allows students to submit their assignments simply by putting their assignments into this folder which then can be accessed by the educator.

Google Drive can also be used a formative assessment tool. The Forms can help educators to collect information about students. It can also help the teachers to manage the shared information in an organized pattern. Not only this, it can be used as a tool to monitor student’s progress and give them guidance at every step. Through the revisions history, you can see clearly who contributed to what assignment and when.

Google drives also allows many people to work on the same project at the same time. This can help the students to collaborate without much problem.

As a teacher I find Google drive very easy to use and as a powerful tool to go paperless. This is not the end of it as I am still figuring out other ways to use it. The more I am exploring it, the more I am falling in love with! I am glad that I got a chance to try it out!


4 thoughts on “Tech Task # 2 Part 2 Google Drive

  1. I have had a Google Drive and used the related feature, Google Docs, for a couple years now. I appreciate the service a Google Drive provides to users and the market it fills. It is great for shared storage, keeping your documents easily accessible to many people (or yourself on a different computer) and preventing the loss of important files should your computer crash. However, once I signed up for Dropbox, I found that the user experience in that program is much nicer and prefer to use it, particularly for personal file storage.

    The main draw of Google Docs is that people can collaborate on projects online, at the same time. However, I thoroughly dislike using the word processor it provides. I find it much harder than using Word, and often it lags. Also, the fact that you cannot convert a Google Doc into a Word document easily is extremely irritating. On the other hand, I find Google Spreadsheets to be easier than Excel. All in all I am divided on the benefits of the Drive.

    As a final note, be careful about using only QR codes. While a lot of students do have smartphones that can scan them, many still do not (like me!!)

    • I don’t have much experience with Google drive as I just started exploring it after the presentation and so far I am liking it. May be I need to work on it for some time to comment on its flaws. As far as Dropbox is concerned, I have been using it for about 4 months now and find it really useful to store documents. The main draw of using Dropbox is that I can access it from anywhere as everything is online. As of now, all my imp doc are stored in dropbox and just can’t imagine my life without it. But definitely I am going to give Google drive a try before jumping to conclusions.
      Last of all, thanks for the advice about using QR Codes. I will definitely keep your suggestion in mind before using them.
      Thanks a lot for taking out time and reading my post. I appreciate it!
      Looking forward to learn more from you!

  2. Google Drive is really amazing! I can`t believe it has taken me so long to learn about this efficient resource that can help me organize any part of my life and can work so well with my career!!

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