Power of Infographics in Teaching

Have you heard of the term “INFOGRAPHICS”?

If yes, Have you ever thought of using it in your classroom??

Infographics are a visual representation of information, facts or knowledge that needs to be passed on to the viewer. It is easier to communicate a message or present large amounts of data meaningfully through Infographics.

Well, Infographics is a great way to teach visual learners as they learn best visually and have strong visualization skills. They can look up and grab the information that’s hidden, invisibly written or drawn. They are really observant and cannot miss the information if presented in a visual form. Not only visual learners, but anyone prefers to learn by seeing than reading from books. It is very easy to digest the gist of things when the facts are broken down into easy-to-digest chunks. in the form of diagram or posters which helps the students to learn at an accelerated rate.

Infographics can change the way we learn, the way we see information put in front of us. They help us digest that information more effectively and guide us into the direction of drawing important conclusions easily.

Here is a Infographic by Rick Man that identifies the ways we traditionally present information versus the visual way we can present information through infographics. His infographic proposes that visual representations help audiences better understand new information and ideas because more than 60 percent of people learn visually.


We as Educators really need to look into this concept of imparting knowledge. We need to remember that inforamtion presented in a visually appealing form is more likely to be remembered and get students engaged in the learning process.

Here are the list of some tools that can be used to create powerful INFOGRAPHICS. We just need to add touch of our creativity to make the best use of them.

1) Visual.ly
2) Easel.ly
3) Piktochart
4) Infogr.am


2 thoughts on “Power of Infographics in Teaching

  1. Hi Swati, I like your idea of making the lesson plans more interesting by simply watching the visual representations. Its true that we remember the things for long time when we see them rather than reading in books.This tool will be useful for teachers as they can engage the students more effectively and also students get the knowledge by merely enjoying in the class.

    • Yes, indeed! Infographics can change the way we learn, the way we see information put in front of us. It is a powerful tool to make students grasp even the most difficult concept so easily. The beauty of Infographic lies in the fact that it makes a long lasting impression thereby helping students to remember the fact/concept for long time. I am looking forward to use this tool to make some interesting Infographics for my blog post.
      Stay tuned!

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