Lucky…are we!!

Are most of us Lucky? Yes….
Are all of us lucky? Noooooo .

This pretty much sums up our fate. Here by saying “I am lucky” we understand that we are discussing good luck. In real life, this may be subjective. In my opinion most of the accomplishments in life need hard work,continuous effort and a small amount of luck. One of the instance maybe of a very hard working ,sincere and intelligent individual born in very poor family with almost no resources to support his/her dreams. Yet we know that people have overcome such obstacles and reached places in life .

How lucky someone is? I would say time answers this questions. I might think that I got something or someone and I am really lucky, and I don’t deny it, but with passing time we see the true face of that someone or something and our opinion might change .

So does luck decide our life? Once again this may be a yes or no depending on how one tackles the situations because life is what we make it by our decisions. The final call to say a yes or a no is always ours. When the outcome of the decisions is good, we carry on with the same approach but when it dosent work the way expected it to be, we can
either choose to fight, suffer or quit.

Any of these three takes lot of strength. So lets select the one which suits our nature and carry on with life .


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