Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mom on this planet!!

Today I celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a mom. This was something I had always hoped to be a part of. So, today I got the chance to live that moment for the first time. It is  very difficult to describe my feelings today. On one side I was happy to be with my kiddo and on the other, I was so sad to be far away from my mom.

I really missed my mom today. She is the world greatest mom. She is the one person who has had the greatest influence on me. What I am today is because of her. Having her in my life makes me more fortunate than others. I have always seen her giving and never asking anything in return. I can think of  number of things that she has given me in the long run but the single greatest gift she has given me is her time…Time coated with her love and attention.DSC03783(Me with my muffin)

Now coming to : How I spent My first Mother’s Day

My muffin woke me up in the morning with a smile and a flower in her hand. I felt on top of this world and my eyes were full of tears. This was the day I was waited for!! The rest of the day was full of surprises which I will never forget.

Thank you my darling for making me a mother!



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