The Twitter Experiment

Using twitter in classroom setting is a great way to involve students and other people in discussion both in and outside class. It a great tool which gives students their own space to express their thought and opinion. Through discussion with others they get to compare and contrast how different perspectives interpret the issues thereby broadening their horizon.


6 thoughts on “The Twitter Experiment

  1. Thanks for sharing this video! I would love to try this in the classroom. What a great way to get more students participating in discussion. I am wondering how could you use students tweets during assessment for/as/of learning? Any ideas?

    • Hey Krysten,

      Teachers can monitor the learning process while students work. Students can tweet what they are learning, what they do not understand, or resources they found. This might help the teachers in the assessment of their learning.
      Hope this helps! I will find more about it and let you know.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I would love to use Twitter in my classroom and I am always trying to find new ideas on how it can be used! Would you have students create new twitter accounts for the purpose of your class or would you have them use an already existing personal account? If students use an existing account how would you deal with issues surrounding professionalism?

  3. Thanks for sharing!
    I think using twitter in the classroom could be a very good form of informal assessment. For example, say you are in an ELA 9 class and you are looking at Shakespeare. As a different way to see how students are doing, you could have Twitter Fridays. You could have the #ELA9Shakespeare, and have a requirement that students must make at least 2 tweets by Friday at the end of school. Everyday, the teacher could send out prompting, open-ended questions regarding the play, and students would tweet back with the class hashtag. This way the teacher can see where each student is at while incorporating something they like to do into the classroom. On the following Monday, as a review, you could choose two or three tweets that would prompt discussion.

    This is a good way for parents to be involved in their student’s schooling, as well. Another idea is having students create their own question and tweeting it to the class. Twitter in the classroom works well because it can be on a mobile as well as on the computer.

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