What do babies think???

It was 3:30 AM, just 2 hours since I hit the bed to sleep, when an annoying noise woke me up to reality. I had just fed her a couple of hours back, changed her diaper and, even sang her a lullaby. Now she is up again to start a new day while my earlier has not yet come to an end. For a second I felt a bit annoyed, but the moment I looked into her beautiful big eyes I melted down.


Then she smiled at me and touched my face gently with her soft little hands. This made me wonder as to what was she thinking.

“What do babies think?”

This is a question that must have hit everyone’s mind at some point or the other but has always remains unanswered.

Recently I Watched TED talks on “What do babies think?” and was really amazed to hear Allison Gopnik talk. This video was quite illuminating for me!!

She talks about how smartly babies engage every sense and spend every moment discovering, adjusting, analyzing and acting on information (schema) about how the world works.

We always thought babies to be irrational and illogical but that’s entirely wrong. Babies are smarter that we can possibly imagine. They know more, learn more, and experience even more than we do. They are the cutest, most innocent yet most intelligent and the most powerful creatures.

But how do they learn??

When a baby steps into this world, the only person he knows is the Mother. For the first few weeks his world is his mother. This first bond the baby forms is the deciding factor of his future relationships. If the mother is able to meet all his needs (Goodness to Fit), he develops a positive working model of the world (Internal working model). This provides him with a secure feeling that in turn helps him to better think and fit into this world. It is the parents who have the first impression on the baby, shaping him and his brain. With good Parenting Style a baby with bad temperament can be turned into cool temperament.

After bonding with parents, baby becomes ready to explore the world, form new bonds and learn from everyday experiences. These everyday experiences develop his brain and profound understanding of the world.

Early childhood is a critical period in the babies life, as most of their learning occurs in this phase. During this period if they get all the love, warmth and support, they develop into a fine human being; on the other hand, neglecting and abusing them makes them vulnerable thus hampering their development.

At the end I would say that parents should let their babies grow, learn, experiment and develop into an individual human adult and not be overprotective. Babies don’t demand expensive toys to learn and grow but, they demand focus and attention in order to thrive.


4 thoughts on “What do babies think???

  1. Its soo interesting to read this blog as I am also in the same phase of motherhood. Sometimes we wonder what the child is thinking and thanks for sharing your views.

  2. I find it interesting that we cannot remember occurrences before the age of [3]. Yet, we can be damaged by these occurrences, and the repercussions of that damage can continue into adulthood.

    I believe that children under the age of three(ish) are complete, utterly themselves. Every action, expression, and feeling is true to who they are. While, when they begin to age, they lose a part of themselves to the world (perhaps we could call this innocence, but I don’t think that encapsulates what I mean).

    I’m not sure it’s possible, but returning to this state of truth should really be the goal. Isn’t it the ego and separation that interferes with this return?

    • Well said! Babies and toddlers are so much more than we can imagine. They have their own schema of information and they keep adding more by experimentation, which makes them smarter. They are just learning to figure the world and once they do, they loose their innocence. If we all could be as innocent as babies are and without so much ego, then Earth would be a much better place. You are so write to say that it is our ego that doesn’t allow us to do so!

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