There is a saying in French  “TEMPUS FEUGIT”.
It means time flies.

This may hold true when we are happy. But when there is sorrow and misery around us, every second is painful. I have seen people moving towards God, salvation and work to forget this pain. But do we ever wonder these words sound meaningless when times are good .

Most of the people say that “people change with time”. In my opinion, success or failure, love or betrayal, happiness or sorrow bring out what is already inside us. We don’t change, its just that others and, surprisingly, us don’t know what is hidden inside us and in what form it may come out.

Me, for one, have grown stronger with time, emotionally if not physically. I have started to believe that trust is good, blind trust is not. Hope is something which never has and maybe will never change in me. We all have our choices to make but breach of trust is something I may forgive but never forget. My desire for material things is starting to diminish and I have grown more inclined towards love. I have grown more comfortable trusting my own knowledge over what other people will tell me.

I am now more accepting of the way life is and understanding that life is not really Utopian for anybody all of the time. Everybody has their struggles, battles, and adversities. So my life struggles and adversities have and still making me more stronger day by day.

As they say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.


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