Tech Task # 1 Who am I??

Hello Everyone!!

188556_194626900567916_1538348_nMy name is Swati Dixit, I was born and raised in India where I did double Masters along with Bachelors in Education, and always had keen interest in science. I have a sister who is a doctor. She is more than a sister to me, my best friend you can say. There is nothing in this world about me that she is not aware of (ughh…she can sometimes blackmail me with my little secrets here and there). I always had a lot of interest in creative stuffs so, if you could go back in time you would find me in total mess with piles of useless junk around me, trying to turn it into something useful. I got so famous for this that all my friends and relatives came to me for help ( My God!! Busy time it was).

I am a simply girl who is emotional yet knows how to handle her emotional side. I never give up on anything and enjoy doing crazy stuff. I never hold myself back to try something challenging or something I am scared of. I enjoy reading, cooking/baking and painting. I am totally in love with gadgets and am completely net savvy. I believe friends are the treasures of our lives and one should value them.

After completing my degree I started working in a public school, teaching grade 10 biology and chemistry. This was something I had always been looking forward to as teaching is my passion. Working in a school, handling kids and other responsibilities taught so many new things. I discovered a totally new version of me who could handle responsibilities even in pressure and never gave up on anything. I taught there for 3 years and in those 3 years I became the Head of Science Department. I even got a chance to set up a new Biology and Chemistry lab, which was quite challenging. This seemed like a golden period of my life as I was doing something I really enjoyed  doing.


(Posters made for the Tuberculosis Awareness Rally, in India, on March 24, 2008…One is in Hindi language)

After getting married in 2009 I had to quit job. It took almost a year for me to get PR and in 2010 I came to Regina, Saskatchewan. Moving here was a huge step for me. I must tell you, staying so far away from family is not easy, especially when the culture is different too.  Back home I was always so excited around festival season, and use to submerge myself into them, but here I really miss celebrating them. Though I go to ISKCON temple in Regina to celebrate those festival, yet something feels incomplete.


419119_365202716843666_198793567_n(Celebrating Holi with other members of ISCKON Temple)

I came here in 2010 winters and that was for the first time in my life that had to struggle with extreme temperature, though I always loved snowfall. After settling in, I applied for my Teaching License and to meet the requirement I was asked to do few courses. So i enrolled myself in the university of Regina. I really enjoyed the courses and they have really added to my teaching skills. It was a new and amazing experience altogether. I made friends, adjusted in the environment and above all got a chance to know more about the work culture by doing community work in Prairie Sky School, Regina (more about this in my coming post).


Last year I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Enakshi. She made me a proud mother. She made me complete in every sense. At present I am struggling with writing this post as my cute bundle of joy is sitting beside me and eager to try her hands on computer 🙂


DSC03635Now having said about who I am and my journey till today, I believe the difference between what you want to be and who you are is just about taking the right decisions at right time. And I truly believe I have been able to do it (starting from my Education to Enakshi) and stick to it and work towards its success in every possible way. I have always known my long term goal to excel in my current field and the only way I was able to get this far is by setting up small targets and never give up on them irrespective of distractions and align my personal and professional life in parallel.

To conclude, WHO AM I, can be well said by asking another question; Are you the one who you always wanted to be? And I am very close for a YES.


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