Cry for Freedom

What is freedom? Does it need to be defined??????

I don’t think so because it is something which is better understood than explained. It can be the right to spend one’s life as per one’s choice and preferences. When we do so, without encroaching others freedom, we are right else wrong. The point where people try to change others or interfere into others life, trouble starts for both. But again the question arises, why do people try to change others ?

The answer lies in perception, the way we look at things. Something which may be important for one may be worthless for the other. The solution may seem simple in theory but difficult to implement. The reason may lie in the fact that when we come face to face with the fact that the thought process and base we built for our life does not apply for the others, our mind is not ready to accept it. This results in difference of opinions and conflicts which may further hinder your judgement.

Painful though it is, this is the way life is. We look for solutions and if they work, things can be sorted peacefully. If they don’t work, a workaround (based on compromises) may help us in sorting things out. The point is to implement cooperation, not domination. Putting oneself into others shoes can help in understanding the pain which we may be inflicting on others. At the end of the day, it is me who is responsible for shaping my life and I have to accept the responsibility for the good and evil in my past, present and future.


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